Upright and Walking Bass samples

upright bass_2

I have been working on some new music for a singer songwriter project called Glittermoss. We were experimenting with upright bass.   I ended up taking a lot of upright bass samples and converting them to midi to play them with an 808 tom. It lead to some really interesting new rhythmic and melodic ideas.

It took me quite some time to do this and now have a little library of ideas I can tap in the future. I wanted to share these samples with ya’ll. Feel free to use them in your own music production. If you ever make a track from it, comment here or let me know. Love sharing the studio work and hear how it continues to be used in other producers music.

There is a Live Set that has the samples as well as MIDI with an 808 Operator on it. Then I have the MIDI files and Wav’s below as well to be used with any DAW. Enjoy the Bass!


Download Walking Bass
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