The APOCALYPSO and Quadraphonic Sounds

This past month has brought about some amazing new creations and collaborations. First one that I am honored to be apart of is APOCALYPSO; Beyond the Veil. It is an unforgettable composite of sensory pleasure designed to nourish deeper levels of our human perception!

The project has an stellar line up of visionary artist including Geoglyphiks, Xavi, Andrew Jones, and more. Subaqueous is apart of the project by bringing some music to the line up along side other wizards of sounds such as; Tipper, The Human Experience, Random Rab, and more. Check out the KnowWonder Entertainment site for more into.

Another project is starting today as I dive deeper in the studio to work on a new quadraphonic set. I am really excited for an experimental event happening in Seattle in February with a 4 speaker set up. That gives me even more possibilities and space to play with. In the next few months I will be getting my mad science on and am excited to bring some new music into the world. 

So honored and blessed to be apart of such projects and bring more art and creation into the world. Thank you everyone for your support and inspiration to help keep the Subaqueous vibes moving. 

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