Free Ableton Live Templates – 3 full tracks

Have you ever wanted to get your hands on a completed track in Ableton Live? I just created another collection of finished tracks as Live Templates for free / by donation.

I took three tracks from my new EP called SilpStream and turned them into Ableton Live Templates. The Live Templates include custom instruments, effect racks, samples, and more. Here is an intro video:

Download the Templates:

What is included in the Live Template?

Each template includes the original track in all its parts. The tracks have audio effects, MIDI instruments, Return Tracks, and more. I also wanted to take this a step further and share the evolution of the track instead of just the finished track.

Ableton Live Templates

Each Live Project, for each track, has three Sets. The 0 Set is the finished track. The working Composition track is about 1/2 way through the writing process to give you an idea of how it evolved. I also included the very first seed idea with the First Sketch. This way you can get a much deeper look at my creative process. three-sets

I am basing this off of my Stages of Music Production, as a guideline for the development of a track in the most efficient way.

Stages to completing a music track

What can you do with the Templates?

The sky is the limit here. All samples and instruments in the Live Templates are royalty free. You can do whatever you want with them. The final composition is still mine though. In other words, you can take the parts and make a new track and totally own it, but if you the original track is recognizable, you cannot release it as your own. Other than that… have at it.

Take the Drum Rack and add them to another track, or mess with the Audio Effect Racks in your live set.

Other Free Templates:

A year back I released my entire Tides of Twiligh Album as a free collection of Templates. It was a total of 10 Ableton Live Templates.  Check them out if you want more tracks to play with.

Download more Templates



Listen to the full EP here:

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