Retro Grade


Retro Grade Live Pack takes you on a journey to the golden age of the Synth. This Live Pack is filled with several decades worth of rare synths and emulated electric pianos from the ages. You’re sure to find some unique sounds to spice up your Tracks.


This Ableton Live pack has a huge collection of 80’s and retro sounding synths. Perfect for chillwave and glo-fi sounds. Ableton Certified Trainer Isaac Cotec designed these retro synths to be easy to use and simple to modulate. They utilize the best Ableton Live has to offer with a combination of high quality samples to make these instruments. This Live pack is for Live 9 and includes:

Required Software:
Live Standard or Suite 9.06 +
Operator for Live (in suite or ordered separately)
Massive 1.3 (not required by extra presets)
Live Pack Includes:

  • 2 Custom Audio Effect Racks to Give a Vintage Feel
  • 2 Retro Bass Instrument
  • Alesis HR16 Vintage Drum Rack with 30 Original Samples
  • Linn Drum Vintage Drum Rack – 18 Original Samples
  • Lofi Kick Selektor for Pitched Kicks
  • 14 Retro Synths Based off of Analog Gear – Highlights include Synth Emulating the Solina, Novatron, Old School Organs, Thick pads, and more
  • 6 Massive Patches as an Added Cherry on Top.
  • All Samples at 44.1 24bit Samples for Quality

Download Free Demo for Live Pack:

Download Free Live Set Example

Example of Live Pack:

This track was made using the different presets. Tack and live set not included in this Pack. This pack is for a massive collection of Presets only. 

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