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A great track comes from a solid foundation found in your composition. If you have ever gotten stuck finishing a track, or building out your song than this Live Pack is for you. Using a unique technique of writing composition notes in MIDI this live set lets you drag and drop new ideas into your project and help you keep inspired and creating music.

Get the pack, Drag and Drop, and keep the music flowing.




The live set contains 30 written out compositions in MIDI track format. That way when you are working on a track you can navigate over to it and drag in any one of these compositions for ideas. It lays out what famous track and genres have done with their tracks. The MIDI spells out the building blocks of the song. It shows where the intro is, the breakdown, verse, chorus, and more.

The video below will walk you through this technique and how to use it.


This Live Pack can be used to save you time and show you how to use the technique. It also gives you a great kick-start with an awesome collection of Compositions to gain inspiration from. Just download the pack, drag and drop, and keep producing.

Live Pack is for Live 9.06 and newer.

Contains no third party VST’s and plugins.


  1. TIm (verified owner)

    A wonderful package. This is a great way to either get started composing songs, or if you’re experienced, as mentioned in the video, as a mechanism to keep you on track when you are organically developing ideas.

    Just two quick recommendations: 1) you may want a how to installation guide for the newer uses of ableton; 2) to provide a few more examples (though it is chock full of great arrangement ideas already) I would recommend a tool and a radiohead song. There are some nuances in the composition of both bands that some may find useful.

    -Tim Maguire

    • Subaqueous (verified owner)

      I also just uploaded 5 new examples of composition based in more “alternative rock”. As I make new compositions / arrangements I will add them to the pack.

  2. Constance

    I’m gretaful you made the post. It’s cleared the air for me.

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