Sharing your Tracks and Creating Live Packs

Collaborating with your music is such an amazing experience. It lets you bring new perspectives to your tracks, outsource to other musicians to use their strengths, and it’s just straight up fun as hell. Ableton Live is a great platform to collaborate with, but it takes some knowledge. It’s really frustrating when you get that “Media Files Missing” or  “Missing external Plugin” notification when you open a file. That’s why I made the (aq) Sharing Files PDF.

Here are some example pages from the Free PDF.

 (aq) Sharing Live Sets eBook4(aq) Sharing Live Sets eBook

This free PDF will go through everything you need to know for sharing your Ableton Live Packs. It also has a simple checklist to help you double check before you send out a track. I use this PDF for my Ableton Live mixing and mastering clients. It helps me insure I can grab their pack and get right to work.


Download PDF E-Book

If you want help in how to create a live pack, then watch this video:


At the end of the PDF I discuss how to install a Live Pack.  Right when Live 9 was released I created a video on installing live packs in 8 and 9. The video is below if you want to check out how to install a Live Pack.

I also have a few articles on organizing your workflow in Ableton Live that can help speed up your own production as well as make it easier for collaboration.

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