Scale References In Ableton Live

Do you want an easy way to drop in cool scales and write in new MIDI parts? Or have you ever wanted a Scale Reference in the Piano Roll?  I’ve created a new technique I call Scale References to help me with this. It’s helped my productivity and makes sure the parts I am writing are in the scale I am using.  Here is a video walk through of the technique:

You can grab the Scale Reference Live Pack or follow these steps to create your own Scale Reference:

1. Write in the notes in the Scale to a MIDI Clip.

Eight Tone Spanish

2. Use the Fold Button to take out any of the Unused notes.


3. Duplicate these notes and have them over all the octaves. You can do this by Selecting the notes. Then press Ctrl+D or Cmd +D to duplicate. Then, with the notes selected press Shift + Up or Down. This will move all the notes up or down an octave.

4. Now move the notes past the 1.1.1 Marker. You do this by selecting the notes. Then you just use the Arrow Keys to go back before the 1.1.1 marker. This means it will not play these notes.

 Past 1

Now you have a scale reference!

I find this really helps me when I am drawing a base line while I am editing and writing new parts.  I went ahead and made 144 Scale References. If you want to save the time you can just grab the Pack and start using them in your music. Or you can spend the time and create your own Scale references.

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