17 Free Trap and Dubstep Drum Loops with the Beat Builder

When I am in the studio working on a new track, speed is really important. I don’t want to get stuck spending the whole day on one aspect of the song. I want to keep flowing with it and build out the track. The last few months I have been working on new tunes. Along the way I developed a new workflow and way of making beats in my production. I decided to polish it up and share it with the community here.

I find that dragging and dropping a beat gets the idea out quick and then I can go to town on it. I’ve created tons of beats and picked the best ones in Trap, Dubstep, and Hip Hop. The full Trap and Dubstep Beat Builder includes 19 Full Drum Loops, 98 solo drum loops, and 38 MIDI files. To get you started with the idea below is a link to 4 Full Drum Loops and there Solo drum loops for free download.

Download Demo

Here is an intro video to the concept.

Drag and Drop Beats

When I am building the beginning of a song, sometimes I like to drag in a bit to see if it is the right feel. I find it a lot faster to throw something in to see if I like the direction, or even the speed, BPM, of the track. After I find a good beat I recreate it and change it.  I have taken this concept one step further with my new Beat Builder Library.  Basically, I have Full Beats with all the elements. I then have another folder of those same beats, but all the parts separated. (Kick, Snare, Hats, and so on)

Pro Tip: Since there are separate loops for the different aspects of the beat, it makes it really easy to right click in Ableton Live and Convert Drum to MIDI. Since it’s separated out Ableton live can read the sample a lot easier and makes it easy to turn it back into midi where you can use your own instruments.


If you want more trappy goodness, then check out the free / by donation Trap MIDI Library.  If you would like to see other genres made into Beat Builder Sample Packs, or made a track using the samples than comment bellow.

Grab the full Trap and Dubstep Beat Builder to have access to over 117 Loops for building out your beats. It includes full Beats and their solo parts. This library will help speed up your production to lighting fast. 

Grab the Pack

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