Quick and Easy Composition Tricks

When building up a track we can sometimes get lost on what is next. Where does this path lead? Do I put a drop in here? What is a Chorus part?  There is a lot of possibilities of where your track can expand to when you are writing it. Because of this I have developed my own technique to help me stay creative when writing my own music. This is a really simple trick, but it can greatly speed up your writing and give you new ideas.

So here is the basic idea. Make a midi track at the top of your set. Here you can add MIDI clips and name them after the part of the track.

Using ableton live to write music Here is just the BLANK midi Track:


What this lets me do is write up the different parts up top to know what I am doing. It’s a great way of knowing where I am at the track, but it also opens up other possibilities.

Here is a video that walks through how I use this technique in Ableton Live.

If you look at compositions of the other tracks you can then save the track by dragging it into a folder in your User Library. For me, I drag any new composition into:

D:\User Library\User Library\Compositions

Then I have all my different compositions I have worked on / analyze for creative inspiration.

To show this technique off there is a free Ableton Live Set below with the first example and 2 other example compositions. You can use this as a template to build your own.

Download the Free Live Set

If you want to support the blog, or save hours of breaking down tracks, then grab the full Composition Toolkit for only $5. It includes 30 unique compositions in the live pack all premade and ready to go.  You can download the pack and install the set into your user library. Now in your user library, you can just drag and drop the different compositions tracks into you set for ideas.

Ableton Live Composition tools

Got anything you do like this? Or have your own tips to share with the community then comment below. 

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  1. Aaron Slatton July 10, 2015 at 7:50 am - Reply

    That was an awesome tip on how to see how tracks are broken down. I love the internet. I am just learning Ableton and music production in general so this is a huge help. I am blogging about beginning DJ over on my site aaronslatton.com and I think I want to get more into music production. Thanks for the inspiration.

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