Free Dub MIDI and Drum Loops

I really dig a tasty dub beat. When I put down a dub beat and start playing a dub bass line, life is great. Over the last year I have been making Beat Builders to help me in the studio and just finished up the new Deep Dub Beat Builder. These Beat Builders are a collection of loops in a genre. I make a massive amount of Drum Loops and then create two versions. One with everything together, and another where each part is separated. That way you can drag and drop in your production as well as mix and match other drum loops with their parts.

I’ve packaged up 5 of these full drum loops and their associated solo parts for free. That is 27 Drum Loops in total,, which can be combined in hundreds of ways. I’ve also thrown in some free MIDI patterns to help you in creating your own palette of beats.  This is a good 1/3 of the full Deep Dub Beat Builder Library. I wanted to not only give you a good taste, but also share the technique. I’ve found this way of organizing to be super useful in the studio. After you grab these samples you can start creating your own, or if you want a jumpstart than buy the full version. 


The Deep Dub Beat Builder comes with 159 Samples / loops in it and MIDI. Check out the full version and get that baby goodness going into your production.

I’ve also done other free versions of my Beat Builders.  Check out the Free Trap Drum Loops and the House Beat Builder for more free loops. 

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