Best Office Chairs for Music Producers

Two months ago I got a back injury. Since then I have been working on my overall back health and decided to level up my studio with the one thing that effects my everyday life… My chair!  If you spend more than 10 hours a day in your studio/chair then it is worth the investment to get a chair that will help you sustain a healthy back during your whole career.  I should have done this ages ago.

I did a lot of research on office chairs. Here are my top picks after trying many of them out at local stores, and eventually buying one on amazon.

My Top Office Chair Pick

Build Quality
Best office chair for the price

I wanted to start with the Office Chair I ended up buying. There were a few things I was looking at for a chair. First of all, I wanted it to be around $100. I also wanted it to be breathable, not sweaty, and good for my lower back.  After a month of searching, the Midway Mesh Office Chair fit the bill. I’ve had this for a few weeks and love it. The cushion is comfortable, it has many different height adjustments, and was a really good price. (more…)

Bitwig Studio 2 Coming Out – First Thoughts

Bitwig just announced Version 2 to come out in February 2017. I’ve been reading about this on forums, and they just officially announced it.

I made this video to share my first thoughts on Bitwig 2 and what I hope to see in the update. There are also so interesting moves by them around pricing and subscription models.  Enjoy:



To read more on Bitwig 2 go to:

New Silk Drop Remix EP

A few months back I hosted a remix contest for my new project Silk Drop. We had around nine hundred remixes turned in. Wow… After we picked the winners I worked with a handful of artists to create our first Remix album. The album includes two remixes from the contest as well as 5 others from collaborators and friends. I also did a Subaqueous remix of King of Beasts.

Here is the remix album for streaming on bandcamp:

If you are more of a SoundCloud guy, check it out here:

Really stoked on how this turned out. Thanks so much everyone and I hope to have more remix contest coming up soon.

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SlipStream EP and New Music

Releasing new music is always such a trip. I spent so much time feeling into this music, writing it, and polishing it. Each song is tied to the story of my life, my message to the world, and a reflection of where I am. 

I am so excited for the music to move beyond myself and find new stories and avenues. The EP has been released through The Chillage Record Label in California.  Stream the music below and check out the links if you want to grab a copy and support the music.

Download / Listen at:



Big thanks to the musicians I collaborated with. The AdaptiveDanceher JonesJekksKR3TURE, and Halfred, Check out the tunes and let me know what you think.

New Ambient Autoharp Music

I am also happy to release some new ambient music.

The past year has been filled with special moments on stage playing my autoharp. The Autoharp has always been a private thing for me. Something I ply just for myself. This last year I decided to play it more in my sets, especially for opening ecstatic dances.

I’ve been a little shy about this, but after some encouragement from fans, I decided to post some live recordings of the autoharp. I started a new Soundcloud page to host these tracks, and more ambient style music to come.

Thank you for listening. Let me know what you think about it.

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Silk Drop Remix Winner Announced

Wow, it has been an amazing experience listening to all the remixes. We had over 900 people join the event and 120+ submissions.  The music ranged from every genre imaginable and all over the world.  Heather Christie and I listened to every track for originality, emotional expression, production skills, and mixing.  It was a hard choice, but we have chosen the winners of the first ever Silk Drop remix contest.

First of all, I would like to thank everyone that participated. It’s always an amazing experience to see how our music has inspired other music producers. I also want to thank Loopmasters, PluginBoutique,LANDR, Melodics, AfroDjMac, and Novation for being a part of the contest by offering prizes. I really appreciate how much these companies support the music community. Make sure you send that love back and check out their site.

Ok, so the grand prize winner of the contest is Kelsey Robinson.  Kelsey’s remix had a unique flavor and emotional build to it. It took the more indie pop / electronic track and put it into a much more EDM context. Great remix and we are stoked. Thank you Kelsey.

The Runner-up is Fatal Kut. This Paris music producer added even more silk to the track with some old school keys and harmonic vocal layers. Check out both of these tracks below.

There were also so many amazing tracks worth mentioning. We had to narrow it down as much as we could and were left with these five honorable mentions.  Each one of these tracks has aspects of it that makes it worth checking out. From the more psychedelic remix by Seeded Vision, to the trip hop / edm styles of Fractal Force.  Listen to the tracks below and follow the musicians on Soundcloud. I have a feeling all these producers are worth watching and going somewhere soon.

On top of that, I want to do an extra shout out to TAETRO for his video of a live performance of his remix. It’s the first time I have seen that. Absolutely amazing. 

Again, thanks to everyone that joined the Remix Contest.  Lots of amazing music and inspiration has come out of this.  One last shout out to  Loopmasters, PluginBoutique,LANDR, Melodics, AfroDjMac, and Novation.


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Silk Drop Remix Competition

Shout out to the music producers out there.  I’ve teamed up with Loopmasters, PluginBoutique, LANDR, Melodics, AfroDjMac, and Novation to present a new remix competition for Silk Drop.

Remix Competition Prizes Subaqueous

Winners of the remix contest will have their track appear on the official remix album. Both a grand prize winner and a runner-up will be chosen to appear on the release. The Grand Prize winner will, in addition, receive prizes from Subaqueous store, Novation, Loopmasters, LANDR, and more. Submissions are due by October 10th, 2016. More info on the prizes and entering below. (more…)

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House Beat Sample Library – Free Download

Have you sat down to work on a track and wanted to throw in a beat for inspiration?  You then build out the track and you realize that Loop you used will only get you so far. You wish you had the kick separated, or that strange minimal sound. Well… That is exactly what I had in mind when I made this new Deep Tribal House Loop Library.

I love making Deep and Tribal House tracks.  I got addicted to the drag and drop nature of my Trap Beat Builder and got inspired to make a library of house beats for a live performance coming up.  Going back to some old projects and extracting out the beats was really fun.  Right after I put together the Sample Loop Library I was using it religiously in my new tracks. The video below will show off the Loops and how to use this unique library in your production.


Download the Live Version for free / by donation:

Download The Live Pack


Get the full Deep Tribal House Beat Builder with an added 62 One Shots, 77 solo elements, percussion, and MIDI files.  Grab the full Deep Tribal House Beat Builder.


The Death of Soundcloud and Soundcloud Go

SoundCloud just unleashed their newest mistake called SoundCloud Go.  SoundCloud Go has completely changed the way I look at SoundCloud and to me it is ushering in its own demise. In this article I am going to be looking at Soundcloud Go and how it affects the indie musician. I am also going to look at how musicians should be an active voice in the discussion.

soundcloud- Go and why you should get it

To start lets look at what Soundcloud Go is. In the email announcement I got today from SoundCloud they said; Soundcloud Go is offering an expanded catalog of tracks and albums that are new to the platform as well as ad-free, offline listening. We’ll also continue to have the existing free ad-supported listening experience.

Ok, so lets decipher that. Basically Soundcloud is now going to charge listeners $9.99 a month to listen to music add free. I like how they state having a free ad-supported listening experience is a perk, we will debunk that soon enough. This new move really upsets me, not because people are paying for music, but how this came to be. To understand this, lets look at the history of Soundcloud and why it has become the go to for independent musicians.

Soundcloud was founded in August 2007 but really started to take off in 2009. At that point there was a lot of new services. Myspace, reverb nation, and many others were taking off. What made Soundcloud different was two factors. First was accessibility, and second was community.  SoundClouds core function was too easily let anyone post their music for free and share it with their friends.   You could record a sketch on your iPhone and upload it to friends on the spot. That friend could then comment, on the timeline, about the track. This made it an amazing tool for collaboration and connection. It was accessible because it was free, and it was a great way to share your music as an independent artist with your community. (more…)

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Vocal Treatment in Ableton Live

Over the last year I have been working on a new project called Silkdrop. After New Years I was honored to have the chance to work with Heather Christie, aka Cheraki, to record vocals. During our time in the studio I was able to experiment with a lot of techniques in vocal treatment.  In this article I am going to share some of the techniques and tips I use for working with vocals and getting them to sound crisp, clear, and upfront.

This article is going to be looking at creating a very natural and professional vocal sound from your recordings. We are not going to look into the more creative ways of modulating and morphing vocals(pitching, reverse vocals, and so on).  Our objective is for a clean and beautiful mix. After that we can get creative with chorusing and so on.

Riding the Volume:

There are a few key components that make a really good vocal. One of them is a smooth control of volume. If your singer has great mic technique, like Heather did, then it should be a pretty smooth vocal to start. There might be instances where you want to accentuate a tail, or lower a plosives. (p, t, k and so on)  It’s a great idea to listen through the track and do micro edits in the gain to fix these subtle problems.

To do this, add an instance of Utility to the track. Then use the Gain knob to make those fine adjustments in gain. There are a few reasons that using a Utility is better than the volume fader. First of all it lets you change the overall volume of the track easily, but keep the fine adjustment.s It also means the volume changes will happen at the beginning of your effect chain. If you have a compressor or de-esser those effects will happen after your gain automation and make for a much better vocal quality.

Utility Gain


Ableton Live Compressor as a De-esser:

A de-esser is a very important tool to have in editing vocals. For the particular recording I did with Heather we used a very sensitive mic (Miktek c5). This mic was bright and picked up the S’s and breaths pretty strongly.  The easiest way to deal with this is by using a de-esser. A de-esser is like a type of compression that happens around a certain frequency range. You can use it to just lower the higher frequencies found in S’s. (more…)

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