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Free 16 Bit Retro Video Game Samples

Ok… I got to admit. When I hear that classic coin sound from Mario brother, I get a little gitty.  Don’t hold it against me.

I finally got around to collecting all the random sound design bits I have made over the year emulating the classic video game sounds. I compiled it all together into on free / by donation sample pack for 16 bit sounds.  It’s a collection of coin sounds, power-ups, lasers, jumps, and more. All you need to add that nostalgic touch.

Here is a link to the free / by donation download:

Download the Sample Library

If your looking to add sounds similar to Mario Brothers, Super Nintendo, Donkey Kong, and Street Fighter then this pack’s for you. Enjoy!

If you want an optimized Ableton Live Drum Racks with these samples then check out: https://subaqueousmusic.com/shop/music-tools/16-bit-drum-racks/

  • Live pack includes 9 Drum Racks.
  • Optimized for Push 1 and 2 and MIDI Controllers
  • Easy to modulate effects and more.

Grab the full 16 bit Drum Rack for Ableton Live it here.


Supersaw Preset for Ableton Live Wavetable

Let’s get all retro and big on this one 😉 In this video, I will take you through making a Supersaw preset with Ableton Live’s Wavetable synth. It’s going to be that big retro 80’s sound or the full EDM chords you might be wanting in your music.

I use Ableton Live’s Wavetable for making this preset. I love how easy and quick it is to make new presets with this thing.  Anyways… here you go:



Full Future Bass Wavetable Library: https://subaqueousmusic.com/shop/musi…


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Adding Custom Wavetables in Ableton Live

Since Live 10 came out with Wavetable, I have wanted to load my own custom wavetables. They said we couldn’t say it… well… we can. This article and associated video will walk you through adding your own custom wavetables to Live 10.


If you would rather watch a video, watch this one:

Steps to Import custom Wavetable

Before we get into the steps, let’s talk about the theory. As of 3/26/2018 you can only replace the official Wavetables in Live and cannot just upload your own with it’sown folder/name and such. Real bummer… Hopefully, that changes, but for now here are the steps to importing your own wavetables in Live 10.

  1. Create or have a Custom Wavetable to upload. Later in the article I will talk about how to do that, but for now you can download these Wavetables I created as an example. Tables need to be mono Wav format, 16 bit, 1024 samples for each waveform.
  1. Go to [Wherever Live 10 is installed on your computer]\Resources\Dsp\Vector\Sprites
  2. Rename the original wavetables to “name_Backup” so you have a backup you can always revert back to.
  3. Copy a new wavetable into the folder, or the example one above.
  4. Rename the wavetable to the same as the one you backed up. The name needs to be 100% exact.
  5. Open up Live and check it out!


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Making a track from Loops – Fast Future Bass

Using loops isn’t cheating! It is a great way to come up with new ideas, especially if you are feeling stuck.  I think the key is to quickly start changing the sounds and use it as a springboard to create a whole new sound. Making a track from Loops can speed up your production and give you ideas to work with quicky.

I made this video to check out Loopcloud by Loopmasters and how you can use it in your production. I walk you through using Future Bass loops with Loopcloud to speed up making a sketch and composition ideas in Ableton Live.

Coupon code to get 50% off Samples and Loops: SUBAQUEOUS50 https://www.loopmasters.com/ Use at Checkout



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Hollow Garage Bass – Wavetable Tutorial

What is Future Bass with out some good old classic Hollow Bass sounds? This is the classic sound you hear with AC Slater, Burial, Disclosure, and old school Grime and Speed Garage.

This classic sound comes up again and again in many genres. From trap, to downtempo, to Future House. In the video below I walk you through how to build this preset from scratch using Ableton Live’s Wavetable.  Below the video you will see a download link to grab the template / presets for Free and By Donation.

Download Presets and Live Pack

Now just keep making the tunes! Hope you find this useful.

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Fixing Slow Startup in Live 10

When I got Live 10 beta I was stoked!!!  It took a while to load, but whatever. Then when Live 10 released officially the load times were still slow. Over time I came to find out it was not everyone, but just me. Going down the rabbit hole I found a solution.

This video walks you through how to fix the Option.txt issue as well as the slow startup issue I was having.



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Free Live 10 Audio Effect Racks – FTW!

Live 10 is out, and it’s awesome!  Took me a while to really get some of the improvements, but over time I fell in love all over again.  Live added some awesome effects and it made my sound designer brain happy. Over the last few months I have been developing these Audio Effect Racks using the powerful new devices.

Here is a video walkthrough of the three free/by donation audio effect racks in Live 10:


Collection of 3 Audio Effect Racks for use with Live 10.

Grab this collection by Ableton live Certified Trainer Isaac Cotec. Includes mixing tools like Bass Shaper and Drum Shaper as well as the Wobble Echo Morph to give a cool character to your sounds.

Download the Live 10 Presets


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Gritty Bass – Madeon, Getter, Style Bass with Wavetable

I love when tracks have a nice lush sub bass that gives room for dubstep leads, and other midbass elements to come through. Freaking love how Madeon and Marshmallow do this in his music.  I recreated that style of sound using Ableton Live’s Wavetable synth. It’s a low gritty sub bass using a subtle formant sound.  Check out the video below:

Download the Preset for $1


Grab the full Future Bass Wavetable Preset Library here: https://subaqueousmusic.com/shop/music-tools/ableton-live/future-bass-wavetable-presets/

The pack is inspired by artists such as Venemy, Flume, Chainsmokers, Odesza, Tony Romera, and Marshmello. The Wavetable presets are meticulously good and usable in many genres including future bass, trap, hip hop, dubstep, and even tropical house!

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Big Pad Chords – Virtual Riot, Odesza, Wavetable

So bass will only get you so far. You also need chords, pads, and other sounds to make the track feel finished. I am a big fan of lush chords. The kind I hear in Virtual Riot’s and Odesza’s tracks. I made this new Wavetable Preset with that sound in mind. Check out the video below or grab the preset for a $1.


Download the Wavetable Preset


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