Ultimate Guide to 432 – VST’s and AU Plugins

In the first part of this series, we went over the theory of Tuning and Temperament.  Then I went into detail on tuning your synths in Ableton Live from 440 to 432 in part two of the series. In this article, I will walk you through using third party plugins, AU, and VST’s.

Third Party Plug-ins:

If you are like me then you might have a host of Third Party Plugins you like to use in your production. These extra synths give you a whole host of new sounds to play with. Here is a list of Plugins you can use and the where to find the parameter to detune the instrument.  This is in no particular order.

To start here is a video I made in response to questions of tuning Massive and Serum.


Massive: Go to the Global tab. Here change the global tuning to  -0.32

Fabfilter Twin: Change the Osc Detune to -0.320. Remember to do this for all the Osc. you are using.

Kontakt: You can change the global tuning by going to the Master Page. Here change the Master Tune knob to 432. This will change all instruments loaded in kontakt to 432.

Cyclop: This synth is a little trickier. There is a detune knob but it does not let you type in a value and it is very difficult to get right. So in live if you open up the Config Menu you can then move any knob to show it / map it. Once you do that, you can just type in -32 in the detune.

Razor in Reaktor: Change the Osc Detune to -0.320 in the Voicing section.

Sylenth: Change the Osc Detune to -0.320. Remember to do this for all the Osc you are using.

Zebra: Change the Osc Detune to -0.320. Remember to do this for all the Osc you are using.


Now that you have a list of VST’s and AU’s to tune, you have a solid foundation for producing music in 432. From here you just have to spend the time and rock out.

I have created a huge collection of pre-made instruments in 432 as well as templates to help you in your musical path.  Check out the 432 Essentials Live Pack for a huge collection of instruments created in 432.

Check out this video walk through on the 432 Essentials Live Pack:


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