Beat Builder Bundle


The Beat Builder Bundle gives you a massive library of Drum Loops you can drag and drop into your production. Each loop can be used as the full sample or broken down into its separate parts with different loops (High Hats, Kick, Snare, and so on). This makes is fast and easy to mix and match elements. The Bundle includes all the current Beat Builder Sample Libraries.


Want to speed up your music production or sketches with Sample Loops? But do you also want to switch those elements out and mix and match the high hats or snare? That is exactly why I made the Beat Builders. The Beat Builder sample library lets you drag-in complete drum loops and even open up the solo parts to mix and match the beat to get the exact caliber of sound you are looking for.

It’s broken down in an easy to navigate way and includes an Ableton Live Set. Below is an image from the folders to give you an idea of the organization.

Dub Folders

This Bundle includes all the released Beat Builder Genre’s that have been released by Subaqueous. It includes:

  • Deep Dub (159 Samples + MIDI)
  • Deep Tribal House (200+ Samples and loops)
  • Glitch Hop (256 loops + MIDI and Single Hits)
  • Trap and Dubstep (117 loops + MIDI)

With this one budble, you will get access to hundreds of loops spanning many genres, a collection of MIDI Drum Patterns, and single hit samples to create your own drum racks.

The Loops and MIDI can be used in any DAW by just dragging and dropping.

If you want to speed up your production and get a massive library of beats, this is the bundle for you.


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