(aq) Warp Steel


Drum Racks made in live with a combination of sound design and Metal recordings to create a lush industrial soundscape. With this pack you will have a wide range of morphing and epic sounds.


Ever look to get epic metal warping sounds, or cutting edge sound design elements  in your track?  This Pack gives you a massive collection of one shot samples and Drum Racks to give you a library to choose from. You can use these sounds for drum hits, risers, accents, video effects, or you name it.

Live Pack Includes:

  • 58 Original One Shot Samples
  • 6 unique Drum Racks using industrial and warped steel sounds
    • Forged Canvas- Warped Steel Single Hits
    • Clatter of Alloy – Warped Steel Single Hits
    • Rusted Chains- Warped Steel Single Hits
    • Casting Dust- Warped Steel Single Hits
    • Metal Dust – Warped Steel Single Hits
    • Clash of Steel – Warped Steel Single Hits
  • 2 Master Drum Racks that Combine the other Racks
    • Warped Steel Multi Sample
    • One Shots – Warped Steel

Required Software:

Live Standard 9.06 or newer

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