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    A collection of Ethnic and world string instruments from around the world. All instruments are tuned to 432 in Ableton Live.
  • Micro tonal tuning in ableton Live
    Essential tools to jumpstart you into the world of 432 and microtonal music.  77 custom instruments that are tuned to 432 and Scale of Fifths. You can drag and drop the instruments into your production to quickly start creating in 432.
  • Have you ever wanted dial in your consciousness or hack your brain?  Then prepare to dive into the whole new world of binaural beats. This Ableton Live Set gives you all the tools and resources you need to start dialing in your brain waves. The pack includes example live sets, templates, Video course, and more.
  • Do you want an easy way to drop in cool scales and write in new MIDI parts? Well this pack was made for you. Using the MIDI scale plugin can cause problems with knowing what notes are actually being played. Using the Scale Reference technique will let your write parts in a set scale, and what you see is what you get!
  • This pack includes an array of unique tools that let you get that Clean low end, thick and larger than life sound, as well as complete control over your stereo field. This includes a binaural panner to give your panning a more realistic sound, NY style Compressor for phat drums and bass, as well as an easy way to add 3d effects to your sounds.
  • Ableton Live Production Template Ableton Live Production Template
    This template makes it easy to open up Ableton Live and have everything you need in place to start producing music. You got all the routing, some cool effects ready to go, EQ on channels and more. It's now plug and play to keep the creativity flowing.
  • The next level up from DJing tracks is to take those tracks and mash them into a unique Bootleg.  This Live Pack lets you take any track and easily start producing it into your own Remix. It's got all the tools, all the tricks, and is plug and play to start writing new Bootleg Remixes.
  • A great track comes from a solid foundation found in your composition. If you have ever gotten stuck finishing a track, or building out your song than this Live Pack is for you. Using a unique technique of writing composition notes in MIDI this live set lets you drag and drop new ideas into your project and help you keep inspired and creating music. Get the pack, Drag and Drop, and keep the music flowing.
  • Subaqueous Live Set Download Pack Blue
    Finding how to play your original music in a Live context can be a whole other journey. This Live set is the culmination of years of experimentation. In it you will see how I perform my music and lay it out. It's a totally working set and includes one of my tracks all setup for performance.
  • Ableton Live DJ Template Ableton Live DJ Template
    This is a Plug and Play way to start DJing in Ableton Live. This is a simple pre made and tested Ableton Live Set for DJing. It's got all the effects, crossfaders. and everything you need to start DJing in Live.
  • This Ableton live is is a massive collection of instruments and effects that I have made to take full advantage of Ableton Push. By making intuitive macro knobs, easy to control effects, and deep drum racks I have made a tool set I like to use in live performance with the Push.