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    This Ableton Live Pack includes all the Free Live Packs on Subaqueousmusic.com.  Instead of crawling through the site and other online sites that have featured Subaqueous Packs, you can grab all of them with one convenient download.
  • Retro Grade Live Pack takes you on a journey to the golden age of the Synth. This Live Pack is filled with several decades worth of rare synths and emulated electric pianos from the ages. You're sure to find some unique sounds to spice up your Tracks.
  • (aq) Warped Steel Live Pack
    Drum Racks made in live with a combination of sound design and Metal recordings to create a lush industrial soundscape. With this pack you will have a wide range of morphing and epic sounds.
  • Singing bowls are used worldwide for meditation, music, relaxation, and sound effects. This is a collection of Chimes, Bells, Singing Bowls, and Tingshas made from around the world and recorded into use in Ableton Live. This has a live set with 4 Multi sample instrument racks and one large Drum Rack of sounds.
  • It's the Glitch in the Machine. This pack is a collection of glitched out samples. All samples are organized into Drum Racks making it really easy to plug them in and start getting weird.  Racks also take full advantage of the Macro Knobs making it easy to twist the sounds to your liking. 
  • Collection of 2 step rhythms, Future Bass-lines, and Garage Samples.  Easy to use Drum racks with selector knobs to make a new drum pattern on the fly. Also includes a massive collection of MIDI Drum Patterns to make creating new beats fast.  
  • Dub and Reggae Drum Kit
    Multi Sampled recordings of live drums placed into a Live Rack. It's designed for easy control and manipulation