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Library of Chords in the Circle of Fifths


  1. Glad to bring this pack forward that can save a lot of people a LOT of time! Drawing those chords out can just add up over time…

  2. Not quire sure how to use this yet, but I am sure when I play with it I will dig it.

  3. Thanks alot!This exactly what i was looking for

  4. Nice one brother!

  5. Hm, nice idea and working nicly for me…will se if it’s usefull in production…. love the idea anyway:)
    Keep up the good work

  6. precious. big help!

  7. This is a feature in FL, but I am glad to have it in my ableton session now. Thanks!

  8. Glad you are all finding this useful! Love sharing these the tools I create for my own music. Share the link to your friends as well!

  9. Great idea ! It is like a book but more interactive-;) you should extend this project with less traditional scale -;)
    Thank you !

  10. Amazing mate, thanks so much!

  11. I absolutely love this.

  12. is there anything like this for logic pro? or anything like this in general?

  13. sorry guess you can still use this file in order to import the single chords so you can still build this in intro. Only you are limited in how many scenes.

  14. well, massive thanks bruv

  15. thanks mate really helpfull !!!

  16. This is a great resource, and I am eternally grateful for your work, time and effort you have put into this and then providing it for free.

    Thank you,

  17. Thanx from The Netherlands!

  18. I can’t even venture a guess, just how long, I’ve wanted a tool like this or similar. I’ve seen some one-shot chord hoards here and there that one could manipulate to some degree. However, it’s the relativity (if you will) of one chord to another you’ve made getting around, basically effortless. That’s,( for lack of a better word )…awesome. Last, w/ regard to workflow, I can honestly say. This, may very well be, the best tool in the box. Also, It’s a little ironic, that, you actually offered this free of charge. Because, for myself…it’s damn near priceless. You’re a genius THANK U


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