Ableton Live Circle of fifths

When I am producing music a lot I find I do the same thing over and over. One of those things is when I am writing out a harmony I need to either play it live, or write out different chords to test them out in the track.  To save me the time I made a library of chords separated by their key that I can just drag and drop.

This is also nice because I have a folder for the different keys in their major or minor. So for instance I can navigate to Chords/Major/C Major Key/  there I see all the chords in that key and can drag them in the session.

I also used the Circle of Fifths Sticker to have all the clips be colored in such a way it is easy to harmonically mix and see what is happening.  If you are unfamiliar with this technique, then check out my article on the circle of fifths.

Download Chords-and-the-Circle-of-Fifths

This free (aq) Chords pack includes a live set, a reworked image of the circle of fifths to synced with Ableton clip colors, as well as a live set that lays it all out. Enjoy the chords!

Also Here is a video that runs through how I use this and setting it up:

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