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Free Taiko Drum Rack


  1. Love the Taiko!

  2. Like all the packs bro.

  3. Ben

    I was looking all over for a sample back of the Taiko. This is even better. Thanks!

  4. Hi there Subaqueous,

    I needed the Taiko drums for a project and since I don’t have Ableton Live (I have Cakewalk Sonar X2) I downloaded Live 8 trial and copied all the settings to a .sfz file that can be played in a number of players (VSTi’s usually).

    I you’re interested in the .sfz file (you may distribute it along with your own package for even wider audience) you can send me an email!

    I never did receive an email with like a “Welcome to the email list” so I do fear that your mail address gets eaten by the spam filter.
    If it does, then write here and I’ll reply with an alternative email address.

    Thank you for some VERY nice samples!

    • I emailed you about it and would love to grab that file and offer it to the community. Thanks man for the offer!

    • zs

      Hi Dennis,

      are you able to share this .sfz file pack to me as well?
      I would appreciate it if you could email it at panzerjagerbob [at] hotmail.com

  5. Hey Dennis you mentioned that you have these samples as .sfz…i would be very happy if you could give them to me as well.
    Maybe you can upload them somewhere?

  6. Hi zs and Lukas,

    I shared them with Isaac (Subaqueous) and I would prefer if he distributes the file (perhaps Isaac wants to quality insure it first) or instructs me to share it somewhere – you need to sign up with email to get the Taiko samples either way.

    So what do you say Isaac?

  7. Thanks man for sharing! I just added it to the file. Thanks man!

  8. how do I use use the SFZ file? there are no samples included. please help!

    • There are samples in the ableton pack. What do you think Dennis?

      • Hey i tried to get the sfz working too, but it ended in an error that says he cant open die samplefiles from the taiko instrument project. maybe any idea why that happens? would be nice if i got it working ;)

        greets Lukas

        • I will hit up Dennis. Sorry about that guys.

        • Hi Guys,

          Got contacted from Isaac about you have issues… sorry but for some reason I didn’t get any mail about new posts in here (hopefully I will now that I am sure I have checked the “Notify me” checkbox :)

          However – the SFZ file should be placed in the same folder (root) where the Samples folder is as the SFZ file points to the samples using a relative path (eg. SamplesProcessedCropTaiko Drum Sticks-1.wav).
          So I’m guessing you should have a folder where you have 2 subfolders: “Ableton Project Info” and “Samples”. So this root folder is where the SFZ file should be placed.
          Are you guys using Mac/Linux/Windows? Perhaps there is something with the paths? / or
          You can open the SFZ file in any text editor – it is just a text file.

          Hope it helps – or else give me a holla!

  9. Hi, I can’t download the Taiko One Shots, I’ve already register in the web but the link is broken or something. Sorry my english I’m from South America. Please if you can fix the link I’m gonna be eternally grateful.

  10. Ok… fixed that bug. It’s up and running now. Sorry about that guys and thanks for the heads up.

  11. I don’t run Ableton OR SFZ. What I need is this pack written in a VST format to work with MAGIX Samplitude. I’ve used the sample files but it’s a huge pain….

    • Hi there Musashiden32

      The whole idea behind making the SFV file was to enable people like us, who don’t use Ableton Live, to use the free goodies.
      So to use the sfv file in samplitude you will need to go grab one of the free sfv players that are in VST format.
      The best one I’ve tried, yet, is the sfz player from Cakewalk but others will do fine for these one shot samples.

      • I can load the player, I can run it in samplitude, but I’m unsure as to how I get the sounds to come through. Samplitude has the sfv loaded but doesn’t play the samples when I add input.

        I figured it out lol! I looked up at the issues other people had and it resolved my own. Now I extend my gratitude for this amazing project. THANK YOU

        • Excellent!!!
          I am so glad to learn that it works for you as well.

          Just realized it is not called an sfv file… It is an sfz file.
          Lol a spelling error caught us both ;)

  12. noticed that last night. Also, I was wondering if you could teach me to script SFZ files, or lead me to a site where I can learn because I have some projects that require some live recorded samples and when I tried copying what you had written in the Taiko project, it just didn’t work at all.

    • Hi Musashiden32

      Actually the source of information is from Cakewalk and is freely available:

      Since everything is text based you have to read as well as understand how the format Works.
      In the buttom of that page there is a link to a page where you can see some basic graphs of the basic opcodes’ function as well as links to example files.
      The important part (if you are trying to modify my file) is the relative file paths as well as the file names MUST be precise.
      Find me on twitter if you need my help (we should not steal the content of this page from Isaac): @InternalizedSun

  13. Thanks for this but the samples zip file seems to be broken. It’s downloading as 0bytes. Any suggestions?

    • [quote name="drokle"]Thanks for this but the samples zip file seems to be broken. It’s downloading as 0bytes. Any suggestions?[/quote]
      I’m noticing the same issue. I recently lost a lot of data when my hard drive failed and this is one of my favorite free sample packs. I would really love to be able to grab it again.

  14. great, thx a lot, nice taikos, i was looking for a long time for something like that

  15. yes with me the same, the rar is damaged with the sounds in it,

  16. Hi there, i’m having a problem when I open the .alp file. Ableton 9 says the pack is corrupt. Does anyone else have this problem?

    • Have the same problem. The downloads seem to be all damaged. Sad.

      • Thanks for verifying. Is there any chance we can get a re-upload? Or is anyone who has the ableton file kind enough to post a d/l link? Thanks. This kit sounds beautiful and I’d love to experiment with some digi-taikos! :)

  17. Here guys, this is a rar with all the taiko drums samples that are included on the ableton file. I hope subaqueousmusic is cool with that! http://www.dropbox.com/s/9b8jq6cw07d500t/Taiko%20Drums.rar

    • Wow, thanks so much Jacko! Hate to be a bother, but you don’t also have the Drum Rack do you? Isaac put a lot of work into customizing each pad for velocity and I’d love to give it a test drive. Either way, thank you!

  18. din

    Hey dude, firstly, thanks for an awesome pack!

    I was really inspired by one of the taiko loops included in a kit and was thinking of using it in a track i’m currently working on. If it all goes well, would you be alright if I released the track?

    Cheers and thanks again for an awesome kit :)
    - din

  19. Sorry about all the broken link problems guys. I fixed it all. File got corrupted and not it’s up and working great.

  20. Can’t download the taiko drum samples
    Decompression failed.

  21. just what i was looking for thanks!

  22. This is amazing, thank you so much! All of the samples are wonderful!

  23. Remarkable! Its truly remarkable article, I have got much clear idea concerning from this paragraph.

  24. Hey! Awesome taiko drum! I’m really loving it. However it seems still 5 more samples are missing, the Taiko Drum Hit 4 and Taiko Drum Hit 4-1, 4-2, 4-3 and 4-4 :S I know quite some time passed from the first post, but is there any chance of getting the missing samples? :(

  25. wow, simply amazing.

  26. thank you……………

  27. Having difficulty registering on the site. Password email isn’t being sent. Any help?

  28. Dude
    thanks.. I was just looking for some.
    Just use them on a record!

  29. Disregard my previous comment. I got it working. Sorry.

  30. hey sub
    love the Taiko set But have a problem loading as an drum rack .I saved the alp file to a folder and made that folder one of my “Places” then right clicked to manage project , saw all the assets be there’s no option to save. I using Ableton Live Lite 9.1.7
    on a Mac OSX 10.8.5
    hope you can help


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