Free Waveshapers and Adding Color to Your Mix.

In this article I wanted to go over some free Waveshapers I like to use to add a little flavor or cruch to the mix. These are great free VST’s that will give you a wider sonic tone to play with.

To start lets define what Waveshapers are and then below will be a list of a few free VST waveshapers I like.

In electronic music waveshaping is a type of distortion synthesis in which complex spectra are produced from simple tones by altering the shape of the waveforms. Waveshapers are just that, they reshape the waveform and create different sonic effects.



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Flux for Spatialization

Over the past few months I have been using a new Free Plugin VST I found and it’s been amazing. Its from the company called Flux and the the VST is called Stereo Tool.  This Plugin is amazing for dialing in your elements to get a great soundstage and placement. Its super easy to use. Here is an image below.

This lets you increase the stereo width, pan the element, gain the right and left separately and more. I am now getting in the habit of putting this on every track in my production. Super useful and wanted to share it with you all.  To download it for free follow this link:

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Live Performance Midi Controllers

I wanted to share with everyone what my set up for my live performance is in terms of gear. I believe in minimal yet effective set up and want to share them with you.

I use 2 pieces of gear, other than my soundcard, I use the Korg Nano and the LPD8. Below is a review of these as well as a little about my set up.

Korg Nano Midi Controller

korg nano


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Max for Live Plugins – A whole New World

If you haven’t dived into Max for Live for all there plugins… You are straight up mad! There is a some AMAZING free plug ins that will blow your mind. People like Monolake are putting these together just to share them.  Here is a list of some of the rad ones I have played with. If you haven’t checked them out then this is a tease to get you diving in.

doppler monolake

Circular Doppler 1.0 plugin

Two virtual microphones rotate around a single sound source. Doppler delays, distance dependent amplitude modulation and filtering included. Movement of source and microphones synced to song position. This allows 100% reproducible effects.



Its a live-loopstation featuring auto export of recorded loops,syncing to and from LIVE and a second,floating interface.and more… you may use multiple instances for creating complex multi track looper setups.

iannixtomidi 0.1

It is a simple but interesting way to create soundscapes, drones and various sick bass or sound design effects. with the software Iannix. IanniX is a graphical open-source sequencer, based on Iannis Xenakis works, for digital art. 

Tracer Visual Simple video mixer

Simple Video Mixer 0.8

Simple Video Mixer that lets you fade between two videos.


There are also an endless amount of other cool plugins and effects that can be found at Max For Live. Check out their library and level up to a whole new world!

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Automatic Ableton – Automate opening up Live

When I open my Ableton live set I always have to do a few things… To start I open device manager in windows and turn of my wireless internet (latency issue), then I open my Midi trix program, then open the set. Sometimes I need to do other things, and it adds up over time to get my studio time and ableton running for my live set.

There is a rad new Hack for Ableton and it is already on Mac’s. It’s called Automator. There is a rad video below on how to set this up by dubspot.

I also found a way to do this on my PC using a free program called Action(s). Same basic idea.

You just call in action. If you need some extra rad things you can also automate opening up specific live sets by opening that file and so on.One useful extra tool is the “keyboard and mouse” action(s). 

This is a simple hack, but can be really useful when the stress of starting your live gig is happening. Especially if you have a complected live start up.


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Ableton Hack with Action Scripting

Sometimes when you are working on a live set there are little hacks you would love to see. Like a button you press that changes all your effects to a certain mix you like, or plays your clips in a sequence as well.

Last week I found an AMAZING hack that does just that and way more! Oh and it’s free!


ClyphX is a MIDI Remote Script for Live 8.1.5 or later that provides an extensive list of Actions related to controlling different aspects of Live. These Actions can be accessed via X-Triggers (Session View Clips, Arrange View Locators or MIDI Controls). Each X-Trigger can trigger a single Action or a list of Actions.


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Rad Free VST Synths for Windows

Finding good free synths always feels like scraping the bottom of a barrel. There are all sorts of good ones, but there is also a lot of crap. Here is a list of VSTI’s I have used and loved. These are all for Windows Only.



Rez a Rad Monosynth


Rez is a seemingly basic synth, but it’s capable of a very wide range of sounds. While Rez has a bunch of cool features, the beating heart of Rez is its filter. It’s made from multiple chained filters acting as a single powerful filter and it’s highly resonant, providing Rez with its distinctive character. Top that off with distortion, a phaser, various oscillator modulations, delay, and arping. 


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Midi Tricks and Midi Routing

One thing that is SUPER annoying in Ableton live for PC users is that when you start up Live you can’t plug in new Midi devices without restarting. I ended up hacking a way that I can plug midi devices in and out and wanted to share that.  Also using this MIDI routing you can do some really cool tricks.

Midi Yoke and Miditrixs

To do this hack you will need to download Midi Yoke and Miditrixs. Below is a little description of both pieces of software.

Midi Yoke for Multiple Midi


MIDI YOKE is a MIDI Patch Cable driver. This allows you to connect the MIDI output from one program to the MIDI input of a different program or even device. MIDI Yoke can be configured to provide a varying number of MIDI Ports (from 1 to 16). In addition, each port allows multiple opens of both input and outputs: up to 4 openings per port. This flexibility provides for almost any configuration imaginable.


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