Best Office Chairs for Music Producers

Two months ago I got a back injury. Since then I have been working on my overall back health and decided to level up my studio with the one thing that effects my everyday life… My chair!  If you spend more than 10 hours a day in your studio/chair then it is worth the investment to get a chair that will help you sustain a healthy back during your whole career.  I should have done this ages ago.

I did a lot of research on office chairs. Here are my top picks after trying many of them out at local stores, and eventually buying one on amazon.

My Top Office Chair Pick

Build Quality
Best office chair for the price

I wanted to start with the Office Chair I ended up buying. There were a few things I was looking at for a chair. First of all, I wanted it to be around $100. I also wanted it to be breathable, not sweaty, and good for my lower back.  After a month of searching, the Midway Mesh Office Chair fit the bill. I’ve had this for a few weeks and love it. The cushion is comfortable, it has many different height adjustments, and was a really good price. (more…)

Physical Modeling with Ableton Live and Chromaphone

One of the key techniques I use in my instrumentation is Physical Modeling. This type of synthesis has a unique and organic sound.  Wikipedia defines it as:

In sound synthesis, physical modelling synthesis refers to methods in which the waveform of the sound to be generated is computed by using a mathematicalmodel, being a set of equations and algorithms to simulate a physical source of sound, usually a musical instrument.

I also really like this image as a reference to how Physical Modeling does it. You can see how they have broken an instrument into its parts and used different synthesis to achieve a sound that emulates it.

Here is a video on my favorite Physical Modeling synth and an overview.


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Best Microphones for the Price


I’ve helped schools start up their labs, worked in recording studios, and built my own home recording studio. Over the years I have used many microphones and have distilled that information into this list. I particularly looked at mics that were for starting musicians. Ones with a lower price, but you will still find pro’s using them. If you have a mic I should add, pleas add a comment at the end of the article.

Top Pick: SM-58

SM-58 is perfect for vocal recording in the Studio
Build Quality
Sound Quality

I find that in my home studio I run into one major problem, and that is noise. There is always some noise in the house when I am doing voice over work.  The Sm-58 is amazing at only picking up what is right in front of the mic. This makes it idea for demonstrations, voice overs, vocal sketches, and some instrumental recording. I have also used this mic in final recordings and find it has a pretty flat and clean sound. Much better for male vocals, or lower range voice.

Buy the SM-58

Versatile and Solid Mic: SM-57

Sm57 for your instrumental needs
Build Quality
Sound Quality


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Turning your Drum to a MIDI Controller with Triggers

A year ago I wanted to turn my drums into a MIDI trigger. I didn’t want to spend a 1,000 on a drum brain or E-drums. In my search I found an awesome Hack / DIY way of doing it with Ableton Live. This lets me take any drum and trigger samples in Live, be it drums or even loops.

The key to this is using KTdrum trigger. This VST is for Windows and Mac. It lets incoming audio be turned into MIDI messages. Download the VST here.

I created a video walk-through of setting up KTdrum Trigger in Ableton Live. Check out the video below:

For the Piezo Mics I ended up grabbing some off of Amazon for super cheap. I just ran those into my soundcard to Ableton live. You can use these mics on anything. I have tacked
them onto my desk, books, and even sculptures.


If you use this technique for an art project, performance, or whatever I would love to hear about it. Comment below on how you use Drum Triggers in Live.

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List of the Best Music Producer Blog’s

I do a lot of reading, research, and experimentation to stay at the top of my game. I am constantly looking for new techniques, inspirational insight, or information on the changing music industry.  I’ve decided to share my top blogs and websites with you. I’ve had these blogs bookmarked for a while and find myself constantly going back to them.  Now there are tons of blogs out there, but these are the best and the ones that I’ve repeatedly found relevant.

Muisc Blog List round Up_2 (more…)

ios Apps and DAW’s for Music Production

I have been really inspired by ios music apps. They give you amazing new tools. Things like Samplr lets you chop up samples using multi touch to make you feel like your hands can truly get dirty.

If you are an ableton user, which most of you are, the first thing you might wonder if how could you use this in a live set? How is it a better tool? Is it worth the money? Here is a little rundown of the advantages and disadvantages of using an iPad in the studio. (more…)

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Launchpad Mini Hacked For The Win!

I went over to my friend D’answers place the other day and ended up walking away with a new piece of gear. He showed me the Launchpad Mini. I already liked the look and size of it, but once he showed me the new script by Native Kontrols I was in!

I know Native Kontrols from there Push Script and Clyphx.  Basically anything they create just blows my mind.  So I checked out their script for the Launchpad called LPC Live 2.

Overview video of what you can do with the LPC Live 2.

Just messing around with it, here is a video we made. Just some bro’s messing with some toys.

Now this script goes deep… Adds a whole new level to your production and live set possibilities. I have been loving it for Step Sequencing. I highly suggest grabbing this from Native Kontrols.

If you’re interested in the Step Sequencing check out my article on some Sequencing cheat sheets I made for laying down beats with the Launchpad Mini.

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Youtube Killed the Video Star and hurts Electronic Musicians

Red Youtube TV

YouTube Music is about to launch and with it comes a big change for independent and underground musicians. Just so we get off on the right foot, it’s going to suck…

Youtube is going to release a new service called YouTube Music in the summer of 2014. This service will be similar to Spotify and other streaming. The problem with this changeover is YouTube has been working on deals with the big labels to make it worth it and leaving the smaller labels to deal with their new terms of agreement. Not only that, but YouTube has now threatened to block the content of any independent label that declines to sign their non-negotiable contracts.


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Granular Synthesis and Max For Live

A week ago I wrote an article on Granular synthesis and showed off a few tools I used.   I got a few request to show off the Max For Live Patch I use from Amazing noises. I put together this little intro video to give you an idea of how you can use it in sound design and how powerful of a tool it is.  

Download the Device and watch videos at:… 

Article on Granular Synthesis at:…

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