Santur – Hammered Dulcimer Instrument Rack

I am diving back into music production and finding myself obsessed with Arabic scales and instruments.  I’ve always loved the Hammer Dulcimer and created an Instrument Rack. One for western scales and others for the Maqam scales.

Instrument Rack Ableton Live Santur Hammered Dulcimer

Here is a walkthrough video of the instrument:

Here is the Download Link Below:

Download the Live Pack

I am also really getting into Maqam music and using quartertones, or 1/2 flats.  I’ve been working on some resources around this style of music and Ableton Live and hope to have it for you all soon. If you are interested in knowing more, please comment bellow.

Enjoy the instrument rack!

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Kalimba Thumb Piano Instrument Rack – Mbira

I love the delicate sound of the Kalimba thumb piano.  There is just something about it. It’s not quite a bell but has a similar quality.

Today I was cleaning out my studio of the random instruments I have. I decided to record some of them before I gave them away.  I recorded a collection of Kalimba Thumb Pianos to make a new instrument rack. Here is a video walk-through:


Download the Instrument Rack

In the above link I also added the one-shot samples as a separate download for use in any DAW.


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Free Dholak Drum Rack Ableton Live

I love adding Tabla, Dholak, and South Asia influenced drums in my music. It adds a really unique flavor and can be used in juxtaposition to other instruments.  Just a few months ago I made the Tabla Drum Rack and wanted to follow it up with a lesser-known, but just as amazing, instrument called the Dholak. This double head drum has a really cool sound.

Here is a walkthrough video on the Ableton Live Pack with the free Drum Rack:

You can download the Live Pack as well as the One Shot Samples (for any DAW) below.



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Free Tabla One Shots and Ableton Drum Rack

The tabla is an iconic instrument from India. Its voice and expression can be used to invoke a unique sound. Over the past 4 years, I have worked with a few Tabla players to add their sound to my Subaqueous tracks. I went through my recordings and created a massive, yet simple to use, Tabla Drum Rack for Ableton Live.

Here is a walk through video and download below:



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Free Ableton Live Templates – 3 full tracks

Have you ever wanted to get your hands on a completed track in Ableton Live? I just created another collection of finished tracks as Live Templates for free / by donation.

I took three tracks from my new EP called SilpStream and turned them into Ableton Live Templates. The Live Templates include custom instruments, effect racks, samples, and more. Here is an intro video:

Download the Templates:

What is included in the Live Template?


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Free 808 Style Trap Bass Instrument Racks

Lately, I have been working on some trap fusion tracks and wanted that deep resonant bass sound. I put together a few custom racks and find myself using these 3 over and over in the studio. I decided to package them all up and share them with you. Below is the video walkthrough.

Download the Free / By Donation pack below.



If you use these instruments in your music, I’d love to hear it. Comment below with any tracks you’ve made. Stoked to see what other musicians are up to.



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Free Squishy Watery Audio Effect Racks

I love me a good squishy sound. I mean my name is Subaqueous after all. As a sound designer, I am always looking for ways to add dynamic effects and movement in my music. I refined some effects I use a lot in my music and made them a free download.

Here is a video walk-through of the Audio Effect Racks:

Download the Audio Effect Below for free / by donation. If you like the beats in the example then check out the Dub Beat Builder.

Download Audio Effects

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Free Water Sample Library and Live Template

I am kinda into water… it’s like my thing.  The first album I made as Subaqueous I used water recordings for percussion and snare samples. It was a really cool way for me to play with water on my front lawn and make some beats. Over the years I have traveled all over the world and grabbed field recordings of water for my music.  I’ve put together a free / by donation Live Pack and Sample Library of these sounds.

What inspired me to do this is the protest in North Dakota against the pipeline. The Native Americans of that area are protesting an oil pipeline that puts their water source and sacred land at risk. This issue is also bigger than that. It’s about how we treat water and protect it for future generations.  I wanted to share my love of nature, water, and help inspire other musicians to join in this very important conversation.

This Live Pack is a gateway for conversation. I hope other music producers download it and create water-inspired music and join in the conversation. As musicians, we are on the forefront of the culture and can help define our society through our music.

Here is a video walkthrough of the Live Pack and Samples.

The live pack is royalty free. Use it however you would like. If you make a track from the template, or sample in your music, I ask that you share something about the power and importance of water.  Also use the hashtags  #waterislife #waterismusic #nodapl to join in the conversation.

Water is Life

I also wanted to list some organizations that are fighting for our right have clean drinking water. This is a noble fight, and one I am glad to be a part of.

Download the Live Pack and Sample Library
Samples can be used in any DAW

Download Samples and Live Pack

Share your tracks in the comment below, or how you have used water samples in your music.

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