When I open my Ableton live set I always have to do a few things… To start I open device manager in windows and turn of my wireless internet (latency issue), then I open my Midi trix program, then open the set. Sometimes I need to do other things, and it adds up over time to get my studio time and ableton running for my live set.

There is a rad new Hack for Ableton and it is already on Mac’s. It’s called Automator. There is a rad video below on how to set this up by dubspot.

I also found a way to do this on my PC using a free program called Action(s). Same basic idea.

You just call in action. If you need some extra rad things you can also automate opening up specific live sets by opening that file and so on.One useful extra tool is the “keyboard and mouse” action(s). 

This is a simple hack, but can be really useful when the stress of starting your live gig is happening. Especially if you have a complected live start up.